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Team Structure of NIRMAAN Enterprise.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.                                                                

                                  ~ Helen Keller 

NIRMAAN Enterprise is an initiative to assist the women of unprivileged section. It is composed of employees who work together on a specific project. Team structure is an integral part of teamwork process and as an organization grows,  its structure becomes increasingly important so it is necessary to identify and recognize it.

We the team of NIRMAAN Enterprise from St.  Mark's Sr.  Sec.  Public  School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi are participating in gold level this year. We became a part of this dignified Enterprise in 2010 . This Enterprise deals with the ladies of unprivileged section who are employed to make different products. The products are then sold and a considerable share of profit is given to the ladies while some is kept to buy the raw materials. We have made various products such as bags, envelopes, chocolates, etc. In the last 7 golden years NIRMAAN has grown in leaps and bounds. 

Last year's team. 

New team. 

Selection of the team: 

The students interested in joining NIRMAAN go through a preliminary written round and then an interview round. The selected students, according to their preferences, choose the department they would like to be a part of and are allowed to be a member of  more than one department. This helps them to perform better as they work in their own field of interest and as per their talent.

                      Few pictures of the meetings held:

This gives the students an opportunity to explore different areas of school business. 

The team is divided into following departments which helps us to work in an organized manner: 
1. IT Department: Two students of the team have been assigned the duty to update the blog, twitter and facebook page. 

2. Marketing Department: Members of this department alternatively take part to stand at the stall and sell the products.

3. Production Department: Members of this department guide the ladies and acquaint them about the making of products.  

4. Finance Department: Members of this department keeps a check of the profit and loss incurred. 

5. Creative Department:  Members of this department deals with the making of posters and banners for the enterprise.

6. Research and Development:  Members of this department give suggestions for the new products which can be included for sale. 

7. HR Department: members of this department helps in recruiting ladies every year and selection of new students for the team. 
The following chart depicts the distribution of students into various groups.

          Few pictures of the making of the products:

Quotes by team members

1. 'We commit ourselves to constant improvement.  '                                                   - Kashish Koul 

2. 'Profit is not something to add on at the end, it is something to plan for in the  beginning.  '                                 
                                       - Manya Jain

Every year the most enterprising students in our school are given trophies as a token of encouragement:

Feedback by the customers

 Parent 1: I am highly impressed by seeing the teamwork of the staff of Nirmaan Enterprise. Each child is giving their best to improve the working and for the betterment of the Enterprise.

 Parent 2: I am happy to see an Enterprise working for the upbringing of women by providing them employment. The students are also developing their skills. These children are sure to be great entrepreneurs in their future. 

                                Few pictures of sale: 

Advantages of team structure are: - 

1. It helps in speeding up the work flow. 
2. It improves employee motivation and eliminates unnecessary layers of management. 
3. It plays a major role in increasing productivity.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, and working together is success.                                                                                                         ~Henry Ford

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